Extra Places

We started with a list of places in each area. You should find that they are the larger places in each county, however we have not set a size or other criteria. Places are listed alphabetically by their name and under their county. We are considering an additional index by council areas, but as this is difficult to create we have left it to later.

It is not difficult to spot many places we have not included, and we will do so as we have people volunteering to be editors to create pages for these areas, or when we ourselves have started working on a page.

If someone has volunteered to be an editor and to create a page you will find the place in blue and underlined with a link to a basic page  on the system containing details of the editor. Please let them have your ideas and volunteers of help.

Please check the end of areas of interest to you  as you will find some areas we have created details on but there is still a vacancy for an editor to take over and improve the content for the area.

If a place is still shown as black and not underlined, it means we have no editor, and have not done anything ourselves yet. These are the areas we are most desperate for your help. Working together we can make a really great system, editors research and identify sites, but need no development skills, so press the development button on the main screen and look at the editors pages for more information on how and what an editor does. 

Counties (see also county codes)

In the UK, we for a very long time had a stable system of counties, but in more recent years various governments have constantly messed about with the county system, creating extra ones for a short time and in some areas creating several levels. We have chosen to use the historic counties as both people in the area and tourists will have more idea of where they are. Remember however that all places are also indexed by their name in the places section.