start-page versions (On the current server you are on)

Full start page

Compact top menu

Compact bottom menu

Compact with BOTB

Compact with UK-list (sp header)

Compact with UK-list (dual headers)


Full Value Plus

Value Plus and Start page


Value-plus and Best of the Best are also available as buttons on the main screens.


Two servers now running this system

So even when its busy you should be able to use start-page

The commands below will allow you to choose which you use, add them to favourites or set up as your home page.

Server version
Full start page
Compact top menu
No menu

Friendly Systems


Friendly systems are web systems that work together so you can see the information from one from within another. For example in start-page you will also be able to see the directory listings of, growing resources of, and the listing of From this part of the system you can select which of these systems you wish to explore, although you will also find that within start-page most of the information will be eventually available to you from buttons, and usable within start-page.

These and other friendly systems will work with other systems if they wish and so you will over time come to find friendly systems being accessed from a wide range of sources.