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The concept of a friendly site is that we can both share each others information from within our own websites to the benefit of users of both systems. This means that you get access to everything that is available within Start-Page within your web site, as well as making data that you have or your whole website available from within Start-Page and all other friendly systems.


The concept of SP-channels has extended this concept  further and we are able to link in more information and share more resources. Libraries of on line books, article databases, picture libraries, clubs websites.......


Questions 1 to 5 below look at making your information available to other friendly sites and Question 6 looks at using Start-Page, or another friendly site within your web site.


Table of Contents

  1. How do I link in my system
  2. What additional files are needed
  3. Cost and income
  4. Will clients be able to get out of start-page into my normal version.
  5. Can you explain in greater detail how this all works
  6. Can I use other friendly sites sub systems in my site
  7. Can I have a branded version of start page for my clients to use
  8. What is a diamond page ?
  9. What is SP-channels architecture

How do I link in my system

Do you run a potential friendly site? could we add your pages as two frames across the center of start-page. Below we  provide the special frames page and all the details to get your existing pages to run also within start page. It will be linked to the indexes and topics as appropriate, and also if appropriate under special versions. You should find that the same set of data you already have can be used, but will need to add a new contents page, which can probably be copied from somewhere on your existing system.  As it is the contents page ad any forward links that you have within your pages that controls what pages can be viewed, you will see you have the choice as to how much or how little you include within the friendly version.

Linking in your system is extremely easy, all we need to do is have a contents page to put on the left that can link to main data pages on the right.  You may also want to have a start up page that explains what the system is and gives highlight points.

If you currently have links pages then these can be converted to BOTB or Start-pages and linked up with a special menu with our system or yours.

If you have a lot of information, then it may be better to look at how it can best be used and made more widely available. 

The section in greater detail shows one way of doing this.

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What additional files are needed 

We do not need to hold your data, you maintain everything yourself.

You add a directory containing a frame page, contents page and default page. The contents page links to the rest of your system pages, and can probably be created from your existing site info.

The section in greater detail explains how start-page works and shows one way of doing this.

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Cost and Income

There is no cost to you to be included and you keep all of the income from your own advertising pages, plus we will introduce you to an agent to sell your adverts if you wish. Any counting technology you use will still record your page counts/impressions providing that it is not in a frame outside of the data used in our system. 

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Will clients be able to get out of start-page into my normal version

As our users can escape from our frames, they can move freely into your system (if you provide the option) , see the Best of the Best section and try out the options.  

Security is the same as if they had entered your web site directly, so this is not a potential route for hackers.

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Can you explain in greater detail how this all works

The concept is simple enough, a double frame, with contents on the left and information on the right, that is accessible at the same place on every friendly website, with files having the same names.

We have a detailed look at it in another document looking at exactly how to make your website a friendly site. Click here to read it, to get back to this page use your browser back arrow.

The friendly systems approach is all very simple, and as such works well. Its best to keep it this way, so that we don't have compatibility problems or similar arriving at any point. For this reason its best to allow us to create and maintain all the shared frames used for friendly systems rather than trying to do more of it on your system. While these look very simple, they may need adjusting from time to time if header sizes change or other small differences occur. Similarly when we add a new format, such as the compact headers or special interest formats, these all tend to think that al the others are available at the same place ad an odd set of frames elsewhere although working to start, could create problems in these cases.

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Can I use other friendly sites sub systems in my site

Yes, we will supply you with simple instructions on how this is achieved. All friendly systems fit within a few simple table structures, so you can do exactly what we can. many of the systems will also run  under the SP-channels architecture we have as well, which is simpler to implement and uses up far less screen space.

Can I have a branded version of start page for my clients to use

Yes this is not a problem, if you provide an ISP service or similar, using a braded version of start page will allow you to get al the benefits of start page and still have some pages specific top your own requirements. this is implemented similar to the editors version, but we can also do it in other ways.

You will see we have announced that we are able to produce branded versions of start-page, which may be exactly what you are looking for as you then get all start-page and all friendly sites within your site. Click Here for more details. If it does not appear to met your requirements as it stands then please ask, we will see what we an do to help.

What is a diamond page

A diamond page is a page that is displayed by selecting one of the top line of buttons (green buttons) on a topic. These contain overviews of the topic or useful information. many are within our system, but they can be pages elsewhere, if we are sure the address and basic content is stable. The objective is to give direct access to reference material on a subject, or an article about the topic. These pages are usually selected and often written by the topic editors, volunteers who help us to improve the site. A diamond page an be a page from any system that we suck into one of our frames so that it appears to be a part of the same page.

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What is SP-channels architecture

This is very similar to the standard friendly systems approach except that it allows one of two options an outer single line frame at the top, or even easier a button on the menu of systems that go to the channels menu in start page. All systems that use channels either have to have an outer frame, and we can explain how this is implemented or a button than calls a channels menu. The menu can be on our site and have all channels available or can be on your own site and use those channels that are relevant. 

In the future the diamond we used for the logo on a Best of the Best, will be utilized to link to channels menus and become shortcut for the channels button.

Revised: January 13, 2005 .