Where to Start

Information is organized within start-page according to how we feel it will be most convenient for you, the professions pages brings together the major sites that a person undertaking a specific type of job will find they use the most, likewise the local pages bring together resources connected with that locality, while the main topic listing covers just about anything you can think of.  The many other buttons around the screen just speed things up and get you to sections of the topic index faster.

If you feel you want to get more on the screen then press the compact button to get a smaller single button list and allow more of the contents and button pages to show. From the compact system you can get back to the normal system when you want.

Friendly Systems

Friendly systems allow sections or whole sites to be shared and you will find that from within start-page you have access to many, press the friendly systems button to find out more. 

Want other information not listed

Directory services, search engines etc are available from the search engine button. You will find there are very many sources available to help you, and we have both a detailed listing and explanations of how you can use these. Our objective is not to replace search engines which you will find one of the most useful features of the Internet. Instead we hope to make it easier for you to get quickly to all the most frequently used items and access to the widest range of other resources when needed. 

Remember to tell us of other useful resources you discover. You will find we have the same entry in several places where we feel it would be helpful, so if you are finding you constantly are having to make extra moves to get to what you want, let us know and we will see what can be done.