What to Do - Editors

The starting point will vary slightly depending on the screen you have chosen, but the objective should be the same, to identify all the potential sites that you may wish to include on your page.

1st phase collect sites

If there is an existing page and or existing BOTB (Best-of-the-Best) page then this is a good stating point, we suggest you create a table like the ones used in BOTB. One simple way to do this is to select the BOTB page, use your mouse to select the table area, right click your mouse and copy. Open a word processor or notepad and paste in the material that is in your clipboard. 

Next identify and list all the possible sources of information, search engines and directory systems, magazines or professional journals etc. Decide on the best starting point and hoover up all the web addresses you can find, into your table.

Next look at the sites and search out link pages with more sites identified.

Try also doing some more obscure searches using search engines, looking for other sites you have missed. You will by now find that most of the sites you are coming across you have already found.

Reword all descriptions, there is no copyright on raw data, but clearly you cannot just copy a section from a directory or site out, word for word, as they may not feel charitable about the donation.

Next look for the reference sites that may give you other links by looking around BOTB,  start-page and UK-list.

2nd phase verify information

You now want to visit every one of the sites you have identified, so as to be able to add information to your table and gauge for yourself how good the site is, and of course if it actually exists.

You will find links that do not appear to go anywhere, this may be because they do not exist, are busy, or are temporarily off line. Some problems you can sort out by looking at the web address, others you will need to try over several days before you finally decide it does not go anywhere. Search around you may be able to come up with another reference, or where the web address has a long route, be able to cut back to a higher level and explore from there.

Sites that no longer exist or for some other reason you will not want to use should not be deleted but moved to the bottom of your table so that when you come across them again you are aware of what you have done so far.

If at this point it is helpful, we can put up the web address list in a special editors test lists area, so you can check them from our web site. Email us to let us know what you want to do and approximately how many items is in your table and we will give you information on how to get the list to us. (The options are usually emailing the list, emailing with an attached file or uploading it).

Update the BOTB page if one is on the topic you have chosen, or one needs to be created. BOTB pages are in alphabetical order by web address. (See submitting information below, and on the development/editors menu). You need to have checked the sites before the BOTB page is put up, so it is not an alternative to the test lists.

3rd phase - allocating buttons

You will need now to consider what you want on specific buttons.

The top row, are diamond buttons so define these as a separate list, usually this is helpful information, lists, diamond 1 is usually a description of the sites on your buttons, diamond 2 a  BOTB page for the same topic, and likewise. if you have more than 5 then the 5th button goes to a diamond index and lists the diamond pages you have. See diamond pages on the development/editors menu.

Diamond 1
Diamond 2
Diamond 3
Diamond 4
Diamond 5

The button blocks come next, usually UK sites, then USA, followed by those elsewhere. If you need a different arrangement because nationality of site is not relevant then let us know what is needed. The positions of the buttons are letters a, b, c... across the top and numbered rows down the page

A full description of what is required is on the page explaining submitting data. Briefly we prefer a table with the following columns, button, site web address, title for button, and description, this needs to be uploaded or sent to us in an email as an attached file. The table can be a MSword, excel, or similar format, or you can use any software that has a save as feature and can save in HTML format. If you cannot manage any of these or don't understand what we are talking about, contact us and we will give you more details or call you.

You do not need to create the button blocks we will do that for you.

4th Phase - Check it all out

A very important part, checking out the page as soon as we have it up and then coming up with additions or modifications.

5th Phase - Ongoing Maintenance

Periodic checks and improvements, looking at some of the sites and checking out new sites that come about. Hopefully you will also get suggestions from users who are appreciating your page, and have found new or extra resources.

Action Plan

Register the pages you are working on, you don't want to do all the work and then find it has been duplicated by someone else do you?

Make a start straight away, and get the first edition of the page up as soon as you can, so don't hold back initially for odds and ends, or for diamond pages, get it up as as soon as you can.

Expand and grow the page. Add diamond pages etc.

Coming Soon

We are also going to be adding a new input form to allow you to directly give us information, on line if you wish. We hope this will allow you to copy your tables and pass them directly into our submission form, making page maintenance even easier. This will be offered in addition to existing arrangements.