Views and Errors

Some links will not work

A number of links will not work, this could be because the page has changed, the server the pages are on is off line or very busy, the site has changed its name, or we got it wrong. Incidentally sometimes it can also be because you have lost your telephone connection, so check other links still work. 

If you have a problem we want to know so we can try to put it right. You will find some sites, for example Companies House a government site that does not fully function at weekends, and some like BT directory enquiries that does work, but will frequently tell you the site is too busy to supply the information you want, perhaps they just want you to call and spend some money at directory enquiries!!!. 

Where people have told us of a problem on a site and we can't make it work, we initially change to type style and size so it looks different, just so you will know we are aware of a problem. It may work so try it, if it does please let us know. If you know of a new link that does work for the site, then please let us know. If we cant make it work or find a replacement we may  take off the hyperlink and then the text on the button will not  be underlined. 

If you find any missing links tell us please.

Your advice is always appreciated

If 20 people designed a system like this they would all do it differently, and there is no best way to do such a task. We are not therefore presenting this as the best eventual design, but as a good working model to help a lot of people. We cannot keep changing the system a lot, or people will not be able to find easily what they want, which would defeat a major part of what we are providing. We welcome your views as to additions or improvements, and will use what we can, and where it makes an improvement justifying the change. You will understand that we cannot tailor it for each individual yet, but we have some ideas as to how this could be possible.


This is a British site and therefore will mainly have UK spelling, but we have no objection to USA spelling, so it will sometimes appear. Hopefully eventually the variant forms of English will overlap and we will all get to use a standardized version. Although English started in Britain, there are far more people in the USA, so under our version of democracy (power to the biggest gang), we really should all adopt the USA version, but under those rules maybe America will soon be speaking Spanish!!!

See a section that needs improving

Look at the end of the button page, if you see an editor listed why not email them with your suggestions, if no editor is listed then consider taking on the task for us. Editing a single topic, profession or place is not that big a task, but will be greatly appreciated by everyone. You will find more information about editors on the development area.

Clearly there will be times when you have an interest, and your views and that of the editor of the section are different. Its no good complaining to us,  we have to stick with our editors view. However you could think of another topic something similar that will allow you to create the ideal page as you see it.

Missing sections

Have you spotted a topic we have not covered, or a place not featured or a profession you have experience of missed out?

Perhaps you could look at it as a game or challenge to work out what could be on the missing page, yes, you can be an editor and help us to expand the system. Go to the development section to see all the information about editors. It does not need to be a major undertaking, it can be great fun, and of course benefit to you as well as everyone else.


Please suggest how we can improve any page.

You can use the feedback button to let us know what you think.

It is helpful when referring to any page to quote the page reference, this is shown at the bottom of the table, but if not present quote the title and off which menu or content list you got to it. You can tell us about problems on start-page, Best-of-the-best, uk-list, and value-plus. With other friendly systems use their own response screen or instructions.

If you need to tell us about a particular button you can refer to it either by what is written on it, or the grid ref, A-... across the page and 1.... down the page, ie 3rd button in on the 4th row down would be C4.