UK-list Editors

The major listings within UK-list are in many cases a task in their own right, and are general value across the systems and beyond. For this reason we don't see the editor of a UK-List section needing to be tied to a start-page/Best-of-the-Best page, but as an editor of a resource in its own right.

You will find many of the sections we have created ourselves in BOTB need editors to take them on and keep them up to date.

The concept of UK-list entries  is large lists relevant to the UK. It can cover any topic, any area, but be a sensible list, that will be of general value. We can think of very many we would appreciate and most are not that difficult to research and build. However having built them they then need to be maintained, and that is in many ways a larger problem for us, and this is why you will often see us building a list we need and then looking for an editor to maintain and improve it.

If you would like to add a list, please email us at, with your suggestions. We will respond ASAP (within a day or two) having checked no one else is working on a similar list. We will also tell you of any editors on start-page pages that may have an overlapping interest, and appreciate what you are doing.

If you would just like to create and maintain a useful list, let us know and we will send you a collection of ideas to choose from.