Sending the information we need to build the pages.

Registering pages.

You can use an email or the response form see how to register from the editors section of the development menu.

Test lists

Test Lists are lists of untested web sites that you would find helpful to have on the web to aid testing. Once we have put them on for you, you can access them from the test list entry on the editors/development menu. The list can be in any format you like, but web address need to be hyperlinked, and file saved in Word, Excel, or HTML format. Most systems have the capability to do a 'save a' to enable this to be done. 

Tip 1 - In MS Word if you have a list of web addresses, starting www, but they are not hyperlinked, gong to the end of each address and entering a space will cause them to automatically hyperlink for you. In other systems look at the instructions. Often using copy and paste between different packages will enlarge the capabilities available to you.

Tip 2 - We load your test list as a new page on the left of the screen, opening a new window for sites selected. This means that you can resize your browser window and a word processing window to fit on the same screen, allowing you to check sites and then close that window to see both the WP entry area and the list at the same time.

If you want anything else ask us, we will always help when we can. 

Best Of The Best pages

BOTB pages can be selected, copied and pasted into your system, updated and then sent back to us as an include file in an email. You must say in the email who you are and what is contained. We are developing alternative methods for you to send us information. Currently this still means we have a lot of formatting to do to get the tables back up on the system, but hopefully we will find a better way to do this.

Start-page pages

Option 1 - Word, Excel. or HTML form

A full listing of the information we need is shown at the base of this page.

We prefer a table with the following columns:


site web address

title for button


This needs to be uploaded or sent to us in an email as an attached file. The table can be a MS Word, Excel, or similar format, or you can use any software that has a save as feature and can save in HTML format. A form at the bottom of this page shows the information we need. You can upload this to us (see details below), or email us with an attached file, probably the simplest route for most people. If you cannot manage any of these or don't understand what we are talking about contact us and we will give you more details or call you.

You do not need to create the button blocks we will do that for you.

Option 2- new response method direct from this system

We are also going to be adding a new input form to allow you to directly give us information, on line if you wish. We hope this will allow you to copy your tables and paste them directly into our submission form, making page maintenance even easier. This will be offered in addition to existing arrangements.

Diamond Pages

These can be included files in an email, uploaded files, or sent on a floppy disk.

How to upload a file to us

(Details to be added soon)

Information required for start-page