Starting points and making us your home page

We hope you will want to use start-page all of the time, we do and it has proved a great benefit.

We have two servers with two different web addresses, but both sets are the same. This means that even at busy times or if one server is down for some reason you are never left without being able to get to start-page.

The two main entry points are:-

Make a note of them or enter them into your home page or favourites.

Direct start points

If you press friendly systems you will see a number of other optional starting points, allowing you to choose the screen layout, compact or full and if you want it loaded in combination with another friendly system. These options will be extended over time so check occasionally to see if there is a better option for you.

Marking it on your system

Make us your home page, has to be the best way.

(detail on how to do this for each main browser and auto buttons will eventually be here).

Bookmark, or add to favourites now, so you can get back again.

(detail on bookmarks and favourites for various browsers will soon be here).

Before these details are complete, you can use your browser help, or windows help to see how to do this on your system.