Rules for Editors

  1. Editors are volunteers, they are not paid. They are not agents for start-page, but individuals with their own views and interests. They can be of any nationality, sex, age etc and need no qualifications, Just like MP's!!!!
  2. Please only register the pages you can get up and running within a month, you can always register more later. Remember that it always takes longer then you estimate to do just about anything. If you register a screen and we don't hear anything within a month we will ask you for an update on where you have got, and regularly thereafter. If we feel no progress is being made we will make the screen available for other to undertake.
  3. We ask you to provide an email address for others to tell you of recommendations, faults or other items connected with the pages you are working on. We do not include these in mailing systems. If you strike up a friendship with anyone through email contact, please treat it as cautiously as you would when talking to or meeting any stranger. If at any point you are gong to meet someone contacted by email, do so in a public place or take a friend with you. Most people are exactly what they say, and are like you or I, but it is always wise to be careful.
  4. We do not have any age limits, editors can be young, old or in between. We will not be asking you at any point to spend any money with us or to meet any of our development staff, so parents and teachers can relax, building pages is a safe interest that really encourages researching and in some cases writing skills.
  5. Ultimately we have responsibility for all our pages, and the senior editor, Tracey will make any final decisions necessary, we will also include any items we feel should be on a page without asking or telling you. You can contact Tracey by email at If you want to find out more on Tracey visit her family website at
  6. Please do not include direct links to pages that you know contains pornography or terrorist skills, ie bomb making.
  7. We will not support cartels. For example if you are part of an association or group that feels you control an industry, you must not exclude others with an interest, or who provide a range of services. Including sites on your page does not mean you are recommending them, just allowing others to make up their own mind. You must not also try to get around this rule by placement, ie producing a very long page with many irrelevant sites further down and hiding competitors there. If we feel you are breaking this rule we will point it out, if you don't correct it we may make the changes ourselves or ask someone else to edit that page, or of course take it over ourselves.
  8. We have no objection to your own site being the first button, if relevant, but generally we expect buttons to be arranged logically with the most useful towards the top.
  9. Spelling can be English or American, and we will not eliminate articles due to English errors providing they are understandable.
  10. We expect you to make some errors, the only people not to make errors are those who don't do anything. However we do ask that you correct what you find ASAP.
  11. Generally act as you would like others to act and everyone will be happy, if we need to we will extend this rule list, but will not email everyone with changes so check here occasionally. If you feel another rule is necessary let us know.