Do you need an Income?

Editors are volunteers, we cannot pay them for the valuable work that they do. However we fully appreciate that not everyone wants to be a volunteer and many will be looking for some type of paid work.

We do not offer any salaried work to anyone, we don't have a single staff member on a salary. So those looking for a steady job, pay by time, holidays, sick pay..... we cannot do a lot for.

If you could do with an extra income also take a look at select the main site and read about the points programme, this has large grants, some discretionary, and up to 200,000 each.

Opportunities with us

Where we do have opportunities is in advertising sales, something you can do from your own home in your own time, (not an employers). Advertising under our definition includes sponsors of pages, and various forms of advertising where we get paid for showing pages or for the advertising space for a time period. 

In addition to this we have banner exchange adverts and affiliate adverts where we get paid a small percentage on the orders people coming from our sites spend. These are sorted out by our development team not advertising sales, and in most cases are fill ins, paid advertising taking preference.

Advertising on our sites, and we have many, including start-page, BOTB, UK-list, Value-Plus and all its sub systems, 14 shopping centers with both space to sell and advertising, as well as advertising on a growing number of other sites are handled by our special division This means that you can do deals across a lot of web sites, and offer a wide range of advertising opportunities to advertisers. Briefly how we work is for you to identify the companies, agencies or industries you are going after and agree these with us, just so we don't look silly with 6 people calling them the same day, and you keep us informed of progress. Commissions are very generous, and we don't mind if you become a millionaire in months as long as you don't then retire.

Partnerships with us

Partnerships in our case are web sites that you and we jointly own, and we have no shortage of ideas. We do the site development, provide the hosting, web registrations etc, this is what you often see companies saying cost them half a million to provide, but don't actually cost us anything like that. We work with you on defining what data is required and sort out how or where you are going to get it from. We take care of search engine entries, and maintain the internet part. You take care of the data collection, entry and if sales are involved the money, deliveries etc. We advise you on advertising revenue or sponsorship and you can sell this yourself, put it through or both.

The actual deal will vary from one project to another, but normally we hope to let you have the commission on advertising sold and then split the revenue evenly between you and us.  In most cases we own 50% of the site each, and if at some point it goes public we each end up with half of the pile.

We are looking to you to cover your own costs and living costs, but we will cover the running costs, and development costs of the web side without asking you to pay us.

Of course if you have an alternative proposal we will look at it, the one proviso is that it has to be a partnership deal not us supporting the lifestyle you dream of.

Charity sites

Yes we will work with you on charity sites, talk to us about the project, what you are looking for us to do and we will talk over the details.