Latest News for Editors.

Friendly systems are extended and now operational, and all pages in Best Of The Best, and UK-list are now be included directly from start-page pages.

A new editors version using the new format we have developed, utilizing a compact header and specialist footer. New interest or other sections, similar to this can be created where it would be an advantage. We have some in development but consider tem for your sections as well. In most cases this will be an extra option not a replacement to the current styles in use.

We are still looking to do the following

Add a new news search facility, (we have news seach engines listed now) selectable by topic or interest is shortly going to be added, and these will be able to be added to pages. We will have news search from a number of sources, so each topic could have a number of news search buttons. Rather than put these within the button tables we are going to add them to the right hand column below the see also page list. News search by topic will also be a new menu system coming off of the news menu. However keep track of any news search facilities you find and if we do not have them included automatically you can advise us of what you have found.

We are developing an alternative way to submit information to us, this will be in addition to the existing methods.

We have stopped adding more to BOTB for the moment, so as to get more button pages working, we still have hundreds of pages to extend on BOTB. When you register pages we will tell you of other information we have.