How to Register as an Editor

Registering the pages you would like to undertake is very easy, all you do is to press the feedback button and complete the feedback form. As soon as we can we will get an email back to you and get the basic page up on the system identifying you as the pages editor.

We ask that you only register as an editor for pages you are able to undertake within a month of the registration. In a single registration form you can include a list of pages.

There are several ways to define a page, you can give it as menu-screen name, for example Sport- F1 Racing, or Place-Cheltenham Gloucestershire, optionally you can at the same time give us the other index entries you can see, or you can leave this to later. Use the word ALSO before the list of other index entries so we know it is index entries on, not a list of screens. Start a new screen registration on a separate line.

It is helpful where we already have a start-page screen or a BOTB (best-of-the-best) screen, to put in brackets the screen number of the page that exists. This is usually shown on the bottom left of the table entry, this way we know you mean that entry and not a new one.

Topic entries, have screens on both BOTB and start-page and the same editor looks after both, so you don't need to specify this. Place and professions are not on BOTB.

Please complete the whole response form, even if you have registered many screens before there could be two people with the same name and we don't want to get you confused with anyone else.

Please make sure you have included all the information listed below on the response form. (Form moved)


You can email us, letting us know the following information to 

We will confirm your allocation of the page(s) and put up pages on the system showing you as editor of these.

Any problems

Email us as and remember we need you so please contact us today.