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The principal purpose of this system is to allow you to get to resources as fast as possible,  and the shortest possible screen load times.

In addition to the majority of the many thousands of sites mentioned where we link you directly, we also have @friendly systems' working with us that allows there information to be shown here.

We have designed this system for Internet Explorer, but it will work with others including AOL. If you have problems with other browsers let us know. The page is designed to fit exactly, a normal high resolution screen, with the Microsoft toolbar on the left or right. if you use lower resolutions for some reason then it won't be as easy to use. We have avoided graphics and photos so all our pages load as fast as possible. Where banners or advertising loads, you can go on using the page while they load in the background.



The panel on the left shows you more pages, or sections that may provide you with further help

How to use the system

To use:-

  1. Select any of the buttons on the bottom of the screen, ie topics, professions or local. If you don't know where to start then start on topics as this contains the master index.
  2. Select the item in the left hand panel ie Sport - F1 racing.
  3. Items with a yellow highlight will bring up their own contents list.
  4. Select the resource by pressing one of the many buttons available on your topic.
  5. Closing other windows should bring you back to start-page.

If you cannot see the topic of interest press the plus key on the topic index and you will see an expanded topic index, or master index for that letter. It only covers one letter to make it fast to load. Alternatively you can press the show all button in the block with the letters at the top, and you will see the full topic index. This is actually an index of indexes within the system. The master index covers all items except places (town and cities).

Items in the topic list with a yellow background will load further contents or index lists into the topic list area.

The system has a number of looks, the normal design and the compact design have the same outer frame buttons, but with the compact design there is no advertising and they are all included in one panel, instead of two. The compact design is used with other special secondary outer frame panel sections for friendly systems, allowing you to access both Start-Page and a friendly site at the same time and for professions and special interests, where the second panel has the most common used buttons to save switching so much between screens.

The main button pages


The top row of buttons, called diamond pages, contain useful information such as a topic overview, the direct link to the relevant Best-of-the-Best topic sheet giving many more sites with descriptions, UK-list major resources, and those of other friendly sites, plus useful data, or news areas on the topic, where there are more items available than the top row of buttons can hold, the far right button loads a description page of the resources with links to each.


The rest of the main screen is divided into a number of areas, the top block are UK sites, these are sometimes divided into groups. The next block is USA sites and below this, other sites around the world. There may also be other special blocks for some items. There are sometimes variations to this for example Formula1 motor racing where the nationality of the site is not important.

On the right of the button tables you will see a list of other possible areas that may be of interest with a link to each.

The order of buttons is that decided by volunteer editors who build these pages, people cannot buy a good position.

Make us your home page or easy to find

Make us your home page and the starting point for all your internet needs, or at the least add us to your favourites or bookmark selections.

Family Viewing

This site is designed for family viewing, so does not link to sites containing adult material at the point we linked it, however we cannot say that every site we link to does not link to such sites, or that sites use has not changed. It would be impossible to do this and also eliminate all search engines and general sites. 

Remember what this site is called

Microsoft very kindly put a start button on the bottom left of your screen and this was the basis of the idea of start-page, easy launch buttons for whatever you wanted. So next time you have to think what page do I want think its All you have to remember is that spaces are not allowed, so we used a hyphen. A USA version is also being created, but some way behind this version at present. Look at to find out about other versions and more.

Names of sites cannot use spaces so we use a hyphen to make it more readable, remember to include it.

We are looking for section editors, to help develop this resource, so press development to see what is going on.