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This system is in perpetual development, we do not see an end to what we can do, it will grow in many directions on a constant basis.


I will below, try to keep up to date on additions to the system and developments in hand.


We very much welcome your ideas so if you want to make suggestions please do. The easiest way to do this is from the feedback button on the top of the page.


The column to the right tells you how you can get involved or take advantage of these developments.


Latest developments

Version 6, now active with improved type readability, new sections, updated throughout, more friendly system links. An extra 4th row of buttons added to compact version and some material removed to allow more buttons to be added to header of standard version to match. Further developed sections and added an extra format option mainly for special interest groups, clubs etc, as used with the developers version, others will follow shortly for some special interests. New 100 Plus sites, has been linked from special button.


Version 5 reduced advertising on frames and far more buttons. Change in frames use, allowing subsection displays within topics, several alternative compact screen layouts. 'Best of the Best' and UK-list have been incorporated into this system, together with friendly systems capability. 


Current status

Best of the Best, and UK-list section now fully operational,  but being updated to extend the number of entries. (Data capture has already been completed).

New compact layouts are now working.

Friendly systems now working.

New development and editors section.

Topics mostly added at least to empty page of buttons and BOTB link.


Developments in hand

  1. Topics being edited, some now up others coming along.

  2. New major property section being developed

  3. Places and professions being added.

  4. New improved areas on local pages in development.

  5. Incorporation of other data from friendly sites.


Compact versions

Either from the button on the main screen or from the friendly systems section you can choose compact style. The compact styles show all the start-page key buttons in a single smaller top, or bottom frame element leaving far more space for information, or can be combined using the same area to have other special buttons for special interests.


Involvement of other systems

It is now possible to include information from other systems directly within start-page, and best-of-the-best, and uk-list has already been included, a number of clubs are currently setting up pages for a large amount of new data that will also be available from here and Start-Page will be fully available from within their websites. We can both include this directly from sections, or as add in systems running within start-page. In order to make this as useful as possible it does require that there are a few extra special pages for the friendly system, and a range of display options under friendly systems.

We are also implementing diamond pages (the top line of buttons) on all pages, and additional contents page if necessary, to allow direct access to information either that has been provided to us or is directly accessible from another friendly site, both Best of the Best and Value Plus pages and sections will be included, and we are currently working on involving others.


The WorldWide Library and a large picture library will also be very shortly accessible completely from within start-page.

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Latest news as at January 2005

The opportunities

Would you like to be an editor

Could you sell advertising

Other sites included

Other opportunities.


The opportunities

Clearly this is a very large system, and this means there are opportunities for you to help in the development. These opportunities range from franchised sections or whole new sections you and we work on in partnership down to editing individual pages.

If you want to know more about partnership opportunities or franchises than see the internet-consortium site, as they handle this area for us.


Would you like to be an editor?

An editor is a person who looks after a topic, local area or profession, and as you will have seen we have diamond pages, green buttons that go to our own editor created sections and other useful information or choices we have. Other buttons that go to the sites that the page editor feels are of most use to you at this point. A button can also on occasions go to another page and give you even more options. Some sections also have discussion groups and other features. Once an area is created the editor keeps a watch for changes, checks everything is still working well and constantly keeps an eye open for new resources that may be of use.


The editor is a person with knowledge or interest in a topic, area or profession, and willing to do the research, search out the best sites etc. There is no page building or computer-eze involved as they give us information in word processor table format and we take it from there. Information and notes are emailed to and from us, so we hope you will find it is an area of interest. If the editor wishes, a hyperlink can go to their own home page or a page set up by us to explain all about them, and/or an email address for people to contact them.


All pages and sections not having an editor named are available, you can take them over from us and further improve them plus any new ones you feel we should have. Please make suggestions. Once accepted we will email you guidelines ie family sites only no adult material and details on how to send us information. If you like complete a feedback form, you can get to it from the button on the heading.

Alternatively from the bottom of any page you have a link to register as an editor. You can find more information by looking at the editors special edition. The Best of the Best site is also a part of Start-Page, so all of its data is available to you.


Could you sell advertising?

Either locally, nationally, to a special interest area etc, perhaps as well as being a topic or local editor, or concentrating on advertising sales. The ideal business for you to run from home. Super franchises are offered with no cash up front by which have the exclusive sales rights on all advertising on this site and over 40 other top sites.  Or you can use the feedback button if you like and we will pass on your interest.


Other sites included

Do you run a friendly site? Could we add your pages as two frames across the center of start-page. We will provide the special frames page and all the details to get your existing pages to also run within start-page. It will be linked to the indexes and topics as appropriate, and also if appropriate under special versions. You should find that the same set of data you already have can be used, but will need to add a new contents page, which can probably be copied from somewhere on your existing system.  There is no cost to you to be included and you keep all of the income from your own advertising pages, plus we will introduce you to an agent to sell your adverts. As our users can escape from our frames they can move freely into your system, see the Best of the Best section and try out the options. We do not need to hold your data, you maintain everything yourself. More information is available on the Friendly Systems heading under editors sections on the right.

If you want to start a new site, or cut the costs drastically on your current one, then talk to us we may be able to provide you with hosting, development help and much more, on a near zero budget see other opportunities below.


Other opportunities

Watch this area, tell us your ideas and look at the opportunities from others as well as from us on and buying and selling web sites, advertising and shopping center spaces and more at 


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