Branded Versions of start-page


It is now possible to create branded versions of start-page, this is in part made possible by some of the recent design changes, but also the capability to include friendly sites. We avoided this in our original designs as updating a number of versions would take the focus off the main objectives, however we can now do branding while at the same time maintain just one set of data.

How this will work

We use a multiple frame system to manipulate all the information, but all the data targets the central areas (contents and main data), and controls and buttons are on the top and bottom. This will allow us to create any number of versions with different top and bottom sections. We can of course also add buttons specific to a client site and leave out some if needed. Another facility we have is to set up any predefined default set of contents and data when the system starts up.

Using the friendly site approach it is possible to merge start-page with the clients own services. Useful for ISP's and other service providers or to greatly expand the capabilities of any site.

Initial load pages can be on our site or the clients, and we can host and maintain sites for clients if they wish.

The cost

At first sight, most people assume that this will be expensive,  especially as it would appear that being able to use such a facility to greatly extend your site, and keep clients coming back time and again.

However we look on it slightly differently, we have already done the bulk of the work, and will get some income from some advertising displayed on some pages. Therefore what we charge you for is only the work involved in making it work for you. Therefore if you only want simple changes to what we have it should be less than a days work for us, while if you want to get really carried away for some reason, it may take a little longer. The great advantage of the system is the speed of operation so we would advise on a simple and fast loading approach.

Contacting us

To discuss the options as you see them, why not email and get a conversation started. You can of course also ask any questions that you like.