BOTB Editors

Where we can, we prefer that editors undertake both the BOTB (Best-of-the-Best) page and Start-Page page. If there is some reason why you only want to do one, please tell us and we will look at what can be done. We may for example be able to find another editor to work with you or we may be able to undertake the remaining part ourselves.

One solution that we have found works well is to have an editor to look to develop BOTB pages, and to then use a highlighter to identify which of those sites should be put onto Start-page. We think the reason why some people like both to use BOTB and work on developing it more than the Start-Page button pages, is that it is more like building a normal list, and order is predefined as Alphabetical, so you don't have to rate one over another. 

The part we cannot do ourselves is to check out all the web sites on long BOTB lists. 

Ideally once someone has been to all the sites to check it out for BOTB, the next stage of creating the information for Start-Page is simple.

Many of the BOTB pages are a lot further forward than Start-Page, specifically because they have not been checked out, what you see is the result of a lot of data entry, classifying, and listing. In most cases we haven't tried either to check out the sites or fill out the list, we have left that for editors to do.

BOTB as it has become larger has become a major resource in its own right. To start it was to be just a temporary step on the way to Start-Page, but as the Internet has grown and the demand has increased the number of sites we can help people to find has got much larger and it is no longer feasible to think about adding them all to button pages on Start-Page. Instead we have linked up BOTB pages to start pages to cover the bulk of the entries as well as allowing BOTB still to be used as stand alone system that many enjoy using.

The theory we have now is therefore to have very large volume lists in UK list, classified lists in alphabetical order in BOTB and highlight entries on a topic on the start-Page buttons.