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System Link Page

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This systems link page is designed for diagnostics and to allow a through route for non frame search engines, explore if you wish, but expect some extra windows to open or things to happen in a non standard way. This section is not user friendly.

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Systems links page

This page


Frame combinations for starting positions

Frame links

Frame pages and default load pages

Friendly systems

Working with other systems

Sub systems

Sub systems included in SP

Non frames start page

The start for non frame browsers

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Staff editors check list

Browser info

Details on the browser currently being used to read the system

Old Diamond Page

An old feature of BOTB



Advertising Includes

Includes that contain advertising 

Advertising indexes

Indexes of advertisers and banner manager pages

Banner rotators

FP banner managers set up for banners

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New Sections

 New parts of SP under development

Test Links

space for adding temporary links with test information

Development test links

None at present