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WWW Address Site Name Description    Religion  Aberystwyth Methsoc Clubs  Abernethy Trust Nethybridge Organisations  A Course in Miracles General  Acorn Direct Christian books and music by mail order. 20,000 titles with full search.  Ethical Issues For teachers and students subject of ethics via a database.  Seventh Day Adventist Religion  Religious Studies Educational site.  International Crusade for Moral Reform Organisations    Religion  Anglican Religion  Archbishop of Canterbury Religion  Bahai Faith Religion  Baptist Church Religion  Beacon Hinckley Christian workshop songs.  Blythswood Care Organisations  Board of Deputies of British Jews Organisations  Beacon Lough Baptist Church Places of Worship: North  Gospel Outreach Ministry UK Christian web site sermon, essay, meetings.  Buddhist Society (UK) Religion  Bury Christian Fellowship Organisations  DM Hay Church Supplies general  Bible Gateway Search this bible by passage or text reference.  Canon Law Society, The Organisations  Capernwray Bible School Organisations  Carmelite Friars UK Organisations  Comberton Baptist Church Places of Worship: General  Christian Fellowship Church, The Organisations  Odin's Treasure Chest clubs  Alvin Plantinga Dedicated to the works of Christian philosopher Alvin Plantings.  Christadelphian Religion  Christchurch Carrickfergus Places of Worship: Scotland/NI  Locksheath Free Church Places of Worship: London/South  Christian Vocations Organisations  Anglican Church Music General  Church net Uk General  Church of England Religion  Church Society Organisations  The Church Times Newspaper  Orrell Park Baptist Church Places of Worship: North  CIN Roman Catholic site.  city of Light General  Cardiff City Temple Places of Worship: Wales/Midlands/East  Church of Scotland Religion  Fed Up With A Diet Of Nothing? Organisations  Living Word Places of Worship: General  Upper Room, The Places of Worship: North   UK & Ireland Revival News General  Comharsa pagan Network Organisations  Community church, The Organisations    Religion  Coptic church, Brighton, The Places of Worship: London/South  Corrymeela Community, The Organisations  Churches Purchasing Scheme Ltd Organisations  Cudham and downe Churches Places of Worship: London/South  Christian witness to Israel A non-denominational, non-profit making Christional missionary society.  Stephen Hawking Religion  Dechen Dharma Community Organisations  St mary The Virgin Gisburn Places of Worship: North  Moulton Parish Church Places of Worship: Wales/Midlands/East  Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids Organisations   Diocese of Southwark Places of Worship: London/South  Grey College Christian Union clubs  East2West Trust Organisations  Articles Of Faith Educational resources, religious and historical artifacts.  City united Reformed Church, Cardiff Places of Worship: Wales/Midlands/East  Elm hall Drive Methodist Church Liverpool Places of Worship: North  Elfame Organisations  Elim Christian Centre, Belfast Places of Worship: Scotland/NI  Latin American Ministries Organisations  Diocese of Ely Places of Worship: Wales/Midlands/East  Teams of Our Lady Organisations  Jehovah's Witnesses History, beliefs, aims and current activities of the Jehovah's.  Family Worship Organisations  Thomas Coasts Memorial Church, Paisley Places of Worship: Scotland/NI  Onyx Dimensions General  Fountain of Life Places of Worship: General  Free church Of Scotland Places of Worship: Scotland/NI  Graham Cooke Ministries Organisations  Raining gaia's Tears Site for British practitioners of wisecraft and pagan community.  Eldad Elim Church, Guernsey Places of Worship: London/South  Habitat for Humanity Join together to pray for peace in Northern Ireland.    Religion  Church of the Open Mind Religious education, heritage, social action, events.  Global Hinuism Hindu teachings, history, culture and more.  Parish of St. Willfrid Places of Worship: London/South  Prayer Request Noticeboard A place to ask for God's help - and give thanks for past help.  Humanism Religion  Weaver, The A gateway for innovative thought relevant to our lives today.  Ichthus Christian Fellowship Organisations  St Peter's House Organisations  Aberdeen Methsoc Clubs  GN Press Comprehensive view on the Har Krishna movement.  Islam Religion  Jewish Chronicle Newspaper  Chapter Two Organisations  St Marks, Plumstead Places of Worship: London/South  Jesus Army Religion Guide to Jewish life in the UK.    Religion   Jewish net Organisations  John Truscott General  Josephites Organisations  Odell, Bedfordshire All Saints, Odell, parish magazine.  Kensington Temple Places of Worship: London/South  Krishna Direct Organisations  Islamic Resources Online Find out about Islamic events and newsgroups with an online guide for Muslims.  Latter-Day Saints Online Organisations    Religion  Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints Religion  Diocese of Leicester Places of Worship: Wales/Midlands/East  LifeRites Group, The Organisations  Derrycorry Purple Guards Organisations  Maccabi Union Organisations  Maryvale Institute Organisations  Maven Search engine for Jewish or Israeli sites.  Mennonite Church Religion  Methodist Church Religion  Gurdjieff Studies Group Organisations  Mission Plus Organisations  Message of Our Times Organisations    Religion  Mormons Religion  Moira Pentecostal Church Places of Worship: Scotland/NI  Pilgrims Progress Ecumenical walking pilgrimage; Christian poetry, pose, and prayer.  Rock Church Centre, The Places of Worship: North    Religion  New Life On Line Places of Worship: General  Ealing Christian Fellowship Places of Worship: London/South  Northchurch Baptist Church, Berkhamstead Places of Worship: London/South  Christians In Road Transport Organisations  Way In Christian Centre Organisations  Orthodox Christianity For followers of the orthodox tradition covering prayers to icons,  Orangenet The Orange Order in Ireland and throughout the World.  Orthodox Religion  Order of St Benedict Religion  Pagan Federation Religion  Paignton Methodist Church Places of Worship: London/South  St Mary The Virgin Parish Church, Wellingborough Places of Worship: Wales/Midlands/East  PCCA Christian Child Care Organisations  Cross Rhythms Britain's top multimedia Christian music ministry.  Partick 2000 Organisations  St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral Places of Worship: Scotland/NI  Religious Society of Friends Religion  Belfast Christian Web Clubs  Transalpine Redemptorists Organisations  Reform Ireland Organisations  Reform Synagogues of Great Britain Organisations  International Society for Krishna Consciousness Religion  Royal School of Church Music, The Organisations  Scientology Religion  Scripture Union Organisations  Servants of yahweh Organisations  Sheffield University, Catholic Chaplaincy Fellowship clubs  SHINE - Churchesa together in St Helens Places of Worship: North  Sikh Religion  Blessings For Believers Places of Worship: General  Woodside Church Places of Worship: Wales/Midlands/East  South Leith Baptists Church Places of Worship: Scotland/NI  Spiritualists' National Union Organisations  St Aloysius Parish Places of Worship: North  St Luke the Evangelist Places of Worship: North  Claves Regni Places of Worship: Wales/Midlands/East  St Stephens church, Gateacre, Liverpool Places of Worship: North  Sublime Organisations  Revive General  Walking The Way - Hurst Deanery General  Swedenborg Movement, The Emanuel Swednborg - scientist philosopher and spiritual teacher. Ancient wisdom.  Chatham Seventh-day Adventist Church Places of Worship: London/South  Reading Central Seventh-day Adventist Church Places of Worship: London/South  Catholic Church in England and Wales Places of Worship: General  Teknon Trust, The Organisations  Merseyside Churches Organisations  Tangier Road Baptist Church Places of Worship: London/South  Golders Green Beth Hamedrash Organisations  Tyndale House A major centre for biblical research.  United Free Church of Scotland Religion  Union of Liberal & Progressive Synagogues Religion  Unitarians Religion  United Pentecostal Church Religion  United Reformed Church, Province of Wales Organisations  The Vatican Look around the Vatican's museums and visit their press office.  Vipassana Buddhist meditation resources in the UK and throughout the world.  Jehovah's Witnesses Religion  World Council of Churches Religion'~ravenhill  Ravenhill Presbyterian Church Places of Worship: Scotland/NI  Methodist World Organisations  St. James The Great, Parish Church Places of Worship: Wales/Midlands/East  Windsor Baptist Church Belfast Places of Worship: Scotland/NI  Christian Word Net A UK-based Christian Web site and home to premier Radio, London.  Word of Life Places of Worship: Wales/Midlands/East  Insight Helping Buddhists practice their meditation techniques, with some history to. World action Organisations Wyre Compute General Youth for Christ - Northern Ireland Organisations Methang Web Page clubs York University Christian Union clubs Yvonne Bell, Christian Artist General International Zen Association Religion International Zen Association Organisations

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