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WWW Address Site Name  Description  Adam Smith Institute Pressure group  ASH Pressure group  Vegetarian Society Pressure group  Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Pressure group  Democracy Movement Pressure group  Burges Group Pressure group  Voluntary Euthanasia Society of Scotland Pressure group  Fabian Society Pressure group  Fireworks Safety Campaign Pressure group  Friends of the Earth Environmental  Free Britain Pressure group  Gallup Organisation Opinion Polls  Charter 88 Pressure group  Greenpeace International Pressure group  UK Independence Party Pressure group  London Cycling Campaign Pressure group  Gingerbread Pressure group  NOP Opinion Polls  Minority Rights Group Information  Mintel Opinion Polls  Mori Opinion Polls  NOP Research Opinion Polls  Oxfam Development and relief agency working to pub an end to poverty world-wide.  Press For Change Lobbying and educational group for the transgender community. Privacy International Pressure group Searchlight Pressure group Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications General Voluntary Euthanasia Society Pressure group Crimestoppers Pressure group

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