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WWW Address Site Name Description ABC Australia News View the world from the other side.  ABC News US News Ananova Detailed information catergorised and news as it breaks with featured headlines. Internet newspaper - worldwide. Associated Press US News ArabNet World News Arabia Online News and Current Affairs  BBC News National news channel in the UK. Newsround News and Current Affairs for children. BBC World Service Available in 43 languages, covering worldwide stories. Big Issue Covering national UK news and distributed by the homeless. Big Issue Links to CBS News US News Children's Express Children's news site covering national news. China Daily World News. Links to CNN News Services Christian Science Monitor US publication covering worldwide news. The Daily Express News and Current Affairs The Daily Telegraph UK daily paper covering national and international news. Disaster News Network USA site covering worldwide disasters ie from large destructive weather storms. The Drudge Report World News site, but with many links to many more news sites around the world. News Directory US News The Economist Includes in-depth opinion on current news stories. The Irish Examiner Covering the news of Ireland.  Daily and Sunday Express Goes to same site as Express India Indian Newspaper group based in Bombay. Foreign Wire News Analysis. Worldwide news covering many countries.  Financial Times Linked to The Guardian News and Current Affairs  Guernsey Press and Star Produce the Guernsey Evening Press. The only papers on Guernsey.  International Herald Tribune US publication with worldwide coverage.  The Independent Newspaper Top 100 US Newspapers US News ITN Online The company behind UK TV news, bringing news from around the world. Jewish Telegraph Newspaper covering national and local news for the Jewish community.  Mega Star Newspapers  Middle East news Middle East and North African news. The Daily Mirror News and Current Affairs MSNBC Bringing US news 7 days a week. Nando Times US News Financial Times The news stories of the day from the Financial perspective. NewsHub Headline worldwide news every 15 minutes. NewsNow NewsNow is the UK's first news headline aggregation Web site. Worldwide news every 5 mins News of the World Online version of the Sunday paper. Available all week on the net. The New Statesman Covering UK national news.  Guardian Links to New York Daily News US News  New York Times Newspapers  New Zealand & South African News London based portal for people from New Zealand and South Africa visiting the UK to keep up with news back home. The Observer Online version of the UK Sunday Observer. Dutch Public Broadcasting International News for the Dutch population. OneWorld Covering worldwide news with a US slant. PBS NewsHour Bringing US news to the internet on the hour. Time Magazine News and Current Affairs. Linked to  The Sunday People National news in print on Sunday's but available all week online.  Private-Eye A satirical look at the latest national and international news.  Racing Post Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing news.  Daily Record and Sunday Mail Scotland  Reuters News South African Broadcasting Corporation Providing news and information for South Africa. Schnews Weekly newsletter produced in Brighton campaigning against the criminal justice act. Published by Justice a body of people not happy with the powers of the state and destruction of the environment. The Scotsman National Scottish newspaper giving its take on today's stories and events. Has links to Scotland on Sunday and Edinburgh Evening News. Sky News Coverage over a number of featured stories and menu features. As on sky digital in the UK. Skynews International News South America News World News The Spectator Covering national UK news.  Sunday Herald Sunday paper covering the national news for Scotland.  Sunday Mirror National  Sunday Times Newspaper The Electronic Telegraph News and Current Affairs  Times Educational Supplement Newspaper  Telegraph Travel News Links to The Sun News and Current Affairs. Links to  The Times Newspaper. Links to The Friday Times Pakistan Weekly Newspaper. The Onion US online newspaper.  The Sun The Sun national daily newspaper in the UK.  The Times The Times national daily newspaper in the UK. Time Magazine US news magazine  USA Today Newspapers  Washington Post Newspapers World Headlines News and Current Affairs World News News and Current Affairs World Wide News News and Current Affairs. Links to an index portal.  The Wall Street Journal Business travel guides, advice on how to start a business and monetary information all on one site. China Daily Bringing news from China in the English Language.

Other sites that may not be functional.

WWW Address Site Name Description  1RSTBASE US News World News. Front page available but not operational. AJR NewsLink News Services Global Media Network Ltd A global news and PR agency on-line all the time. Channel 11 News and information service on food and drink for consumers and business.  Sun Links to a registrar. FutureNet World News The top stories from around the world, updated daily at around 1300 hours GMT.  The Guardian Newspaper  Guardian Online No longer exists.    Not available.  Irish Times Not found May 2001 - currently offline. BBC News May 2001 - no longer exists  MSN UK News May 2001 - no longer exists.  Times Literary Supplement No longer exists This Is Britain Couldn't access this site Yahoo! News Unavailable Wall Street Journal Interactive Unavailable Weekly World News News and Current Affairs

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