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WWW Address Site Name Description  1st Translation Company of the United Kingdom, The Translations  Abcdario Translations    Language  Alden Translations Translations    Language  Advanced Linguistic Solutions Translations  Anderson Translation & Internet Services Translation and interpreting service in all major languages, plus DTP.  Anglodeutsch Translation Translations  Accent on type Translations  AST Language Services Translations AltaVista Translator Converts Spanish, Italian, German and French into English.  Bedford Translations We handle primarily high volume technical and legal translation accounts.  Bridge Translation and Publishing Specialises in technical translations, both to and from English.  Institute of Translation and Interpreting Professional and quality lingual services support, provided from with Scotland.  Context Solutions Putting your site in your client's languages: multilingual Websites.  Craigwell Internet Services Translations from English into many European languages.    Language  Ectaco Inc Translations International Translations Company based in Russia and the UK.  JCCL Japanese Translators This site provides an outline of the services JCCL offers to businesses like you.  H E L History of the English Language.  Elan Literary Services Translations  Mirella Maffucci-Barnes Italian interpreter/translator/tutor from Nottingham.  Euro Business Services Translation and interpreting.  Quality International & Translation services UK Quality consultancy, training & independent assessment, translation services.  Liselotte J Sperle Translator and Interpreter from and to German.  Freedman Translations  Internet Press Directory of language related sites from translators to dictionaries.  German Translation service German translation, quality and value, native German translators.    Language  K International K International is a professional translation and desktop publishing agency.  Klingon The Klingon Language Institute.    Language  K Translations Translations  Languageline Over the telephone translations form English into 100 different languages.  Commercial Language Training English and foreign language training for UK and overseas business people.  Language for Industry Technical translations, working directly in 40+ countries.  Linguaphone Tuition  Collective Nouns Fun and informative with over 60 collective nouns, many funny.  Tengwar Fantasy language of the elves in Tolkiens books.  Multicom Translations Translations  Orient Script Translations  Palantype Translations  Etymology The origin of words.  Independent Language Consultant Translations  RP Translate Ltd Translation    Language  Sandwell Translation    Language  Japan Information Research Unit Translations  Spanish Translation service Translation, tuition, specialised training, and language consultancy.  TecnoLingua translations High-quality technical translations - all languages.    Language  Tongue Tied translation Services Interpreting, typesetting, conferencing.  Transdata international Russian technical translations. Design, engineering, software.  Travlang Foreign languages for travelers.    Language  EFLweb English as a Foreign Language Magazine.   Language Aussie Slang Online Australian-English phrasebook. Esperanto World Introduction to the language, links and news stories. Wizard Communicator Translations WorldAccent Translations Your Russian Translations Alison Moir Translations

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