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WWW Address Site Name Description    Government    Government  Cabinet Office Government Departments    Government    Government  Culture Media & Sport Government Departments    Government  Environment Transport & the Regions Government Departments  Education & Employment Government Departments  International Development Government Departments  Health Government Departments    Government  Social Security Government Departments  Trade & Industry Government Departments  General Election Parliament  British Foreign Office Do's and Don'ts when you travel, dangerous country blacklist, visas.    Government  Foreign Report Diplomatic initiatives, defense deployments & economics.    Government  HM Treasury Keeps you up to date with what the Chancellor is up to.  Home Office Government Departments  Ministry of Defense Government Departments 10 Downing Street Look around the Prime Ministers home and find out details on some past PM's who have lived there. Government Information Service Lots of information on what the Government is supposed to be doing and thinks that it is. Lord Chancellors Department Government Departments Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries & Food Government Departments Parliament Parliament House of Commons Parliament House of Lords Parliament   Government

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