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WWW Address Site Name Description  Arthur C Clarke Foundation Educational site.  Advisory Unit Site for teachers.  Chemistry Teaching Resources Site for teachers.  Trinidad and Tobago Educational site.  Higher Education Funding Council for Wales Funding  BBC Education Site for teachers.  BBC Schools TV Programme  BECTa British Educational Communications and Technology Agency  Campus World Site for teachers.  Chemistry Educational site.  Chemists Art Gallery Educational site.   Education Network Site for teachers.  Education Extra Site for teachers.  Education Quest Education resource for teachers to use in the classroom.  DfEE Department of Education and Employment.  Education Lecturing Services General  European Education Site for teachers.  Higher Education Funding Council Funding  SENCO Site for teachers.  Pathways to School Improvement Site for teachers.  NFER Site for teachers.  Education Management Information Exchange Site for teachers.  National Governors Council Site for teachers.  NGfl Consortium Encourages companies to integrate Information and Communications Technology in education.  Educational Reports Site for teachers.  October Pen Computer Software for School Athletics Scoring.  Ofsted Office for Standards in Education - inspectorate of schools.  Excellence for All Site for teachers.  Royal Institution Government body.  Scottish Council for Educational Technology Government body.  Higher Education Funding Council for Scotland Funding  Teacher Resources Site for teachers.  Fractal Database Educational site.  Training and Enterprise Councils Government body.  UKTeachernet Site for teachers.  UK Council for Graduate Education Government body.   Campus Connect Site for teachers.

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