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WWW Address Site Name Description  3ct Ltd Computers, consultancy, communications & training.  Acer Computer Manufacturers  Acorn Computer Group plc General  ai systems Computers component distributors at realistic prices.   Albion Computers plc Apple reseller.  Alert Technology Manufacturer of PC add-on cards, printer sharers etc  Amiga Computer Manufacturers  Advanced Micro Peripherals Ltd Embedded computer designer and manufacturer.  Amstrad Computer Manufacturers  Active Networks Systems Ltd Computer memory upgrades.  Apple Computer Manufacturers  Applecentre Apple Mac  AppleMax Ltd Apple Mac  Apricot Computers PC  AST Computer Manufacturers  ATM Ltd ATM networking  AWK Computers Computer repairs  P and B Computers Ltd Manufacturers IBM compatible computer systems  Brain Boxes Manufacturers of PC interfaces and adapters.  Brand Communications Ltd manufacture remote access and mobile solutions  Broderbund Europe Computer Manufacturers  Millennium Bug Computer Manufacturers  Bull Computer Manufacturers  Dax Computing Computer hardware, software, internet-Action, Sudbury, Suffolk.  BVM Ltd VMEbus boards, IndustryPacks and the OS-9 operating system.  Cableship Cabling systems, LAN and WAN networks.  Cambridge ISDN ISDN equipment and installations.  Canon General  Canon Computer Manufacturers  Carrera Technology manufacturers of PC's  Casio Computer company  CBC Computers Ltd computers for sale, networking, maintenance, hardware & software.  CDC Automation Ltd Computer system specialists.  Chase Research Network comms and PC peripheral manufacturer.  Citizen Computer company  Claris UK Computer Manufacturers  Clocktower Apple Macintosh computer, peripherals, repairs and support.  Commodore Computer Manufacturers  Compaq Portable computers, service, support and training.  Computer Warehouse Apple Macintosh reseller.  Compulife Ltd Management of redundant or surplus IT equipment.  Computer 2000 Distributor of computer hardware, software and services.  Computer 88 memory upgrades, PCMCIA  Computer Sense Ltd Apple Mac  Datawise Online Pentium PC's.  DEC Computer Manufacturers  Dell Computer Manufacturers  Digital Computer Manufacturers  Dynalink data/fax/voice modems.  Apollo Computerware Computer component & PC sales.  European Cabling Systems Cabling for all business requirements.  Eidos Computer Manufacturers  Elonex Computer Manufacturers  Epson Computer Manufacturers  Eudora Computer Manufacturers  Dell Dell computers, their information site.  Emulex Emulex products.  Evesham Micros Consistently recognised for customer service excellence.  Express Micro PC manufacturer and retailer, 0% finance and online ordering available.  Fastlink Data Cables Ltd Manufacturers of industry standard cable.  Formac Apple Mac  Fujitsu Computers Ltd Details of PCs, notebooks and servers. Lifebooks, notebooks, Pentium II.  Fujitsu Computer Manufacturers  Geofox Portable computers using Psion operating system  Gateway Computer Manufacturers  Hamilton Rentals plc Mid-range computer systems.  Hitachi Computer Manufacturers  Hi-Grade Computers plc PC computers  Hewlett Packard Computer Manufacturers  IBM Hursley Labs General  IBM Help and advice together with details on the company.  IDC Systems Ltd Bespoke PC's  Instacable Inc Manufacturing installation computer cables.  Intel Computer Manufacturers  Iomega Computer company  Iomega Europe Computer Manufacturers  Sony Computer Manufacturers  Techset Systems Ltd PC manufacture, sales, service.  Jigsaw Electronics Computers, upgrades, repairs, sales, web page design, we do it all!  Kendata Data entry solutions  Limax Teknology computers, printers, monitors - Repairs, parts and second user.  Kyocera Pc  Lexmark Computer Manufacturers  Lotus Computer Manufacturers  Macline Macintosh computer users  Macpeople Apple Mac  Mac Recovery Apple Mac  Maple Computer Corporation PC manufacturers.  Mesh Computer Manufacturers  Micro Doc Computers Hardware service and supply company.  Microlease Computer Manufacturers  Mikesfort Computers PC hardware suppliers.  MIMIC LTD Computer & telephone network system solutions.  Monument Computers Custom built PC's  Motorola Information on all products and sponsored events.  Micropower Computer Services Ltd Computer hardware  Mutek Transcom Ltd Ethernet data transport  NEC Computer Manufacturers  Netcom Computer Manufacturers  Nintendo Computers  Novell Computer Manufacturers  Rural Computer systems Ltd Manufacturers own brand PC-compatible machines  Odyssey Technologies Ltd Repair of pc's and peripherals.  Offtek Ltd Memory for all computer hardware needs  Olivetti Computer Manufacturers  Oracle Computer Manufacturers  Packard Bell Computer Manufacturers  Page Technology General  PalmCentral Com Palm user software available.  PC Drive-In Ltd Custom built PC's  Pinacl Communication Systems Ltd Computer adaptors for added security.  Pliz UK Industrial computers.  Pocket Info Information on Psion computers and software  PowerForge Computers Ltd Computer hardware.  Psion Computer Manufacturers  Psion Dacom The European No.1 PC card manufacturer.  PSL Hewlett-Packard 9000 Unix servers.  Quantech Electronics Manufacture custom products based on single-chip micros.  Scotsys Computer Systems Apple Mac  Secure IT Systems Computer hardware security systems.  Senator Computer Systems Ltd PC manufacturer & related equipment & services. ISO9002 authorised. Web design.  server Technology UK Ltd Manufacturers of advanced remote power management  Silicon Graphics Computer Manufacturers  Shades Computing Manufacturer/distributor.  Sidwell Technology Apple mac dealer.  Siemens Computer Manufacturers  Siemens Nixdorf UK  Status Networking Services plc CAT 5 cabling systems.  Sonoma Systems ATM access devices for the provision of LAN  Shiva Remote access technology.  Star Components Component distributors and manufacturers  Star Computer Services (UK) Ltd Computer components  Stem Computer Systems Computer hardware accessories upgrades repairs support and Web design.  Sun Microsystems Computer company  Sunrise Computer Services Ltd Sparc5 and Sparc20 workstations.  Sunsoft Computer Manufacturers  PC Components PC components  Tadpole Technology plc Workstation-class portable computing.  Tai Computer Systems Computer systems/components to the trade and public.  Taxan (Europe) Ltd Manufacturers of high quality monitors and graphics cards.  Taytech Computer systems Built to your requirements.  Telecom Design Communications Global positioning systems and modems.  Computer Shop, The Custom built new and used PC's  Texas Instruments Computer Manufacturers  Tiny Computer Manufacturers  Toshiba Computer Manufacturers  Tulip Computer Manufacturers  United Digital Fault-tolerant mass storage solutions  MacPress Uk Apple Mac  Westec Networks PC backup SCSI tape drive systems.  Universal Computer Manufacturers  Upgrade Solutions Computer hardware and systems builder.  Vector Microsystems Ltd PC  Videocom Video conferencing.  Viglen Computer Manufacturers  Viper Computers Computer hardware  VXL Instruments Ltd Manufacturers of display, communication & networking hardware & software.  Wyse Technoplogy Manufacturer of display technology  Xara Computer company  Zenon Computers Computer Manufacturers

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