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WWW Address Site Name Description  Acacia Business Support Expertise in media, marketing, finance and operations analysis.  ActiMedia Database for PR, publishers and journalists. Not listed? Register now.  Advocats Public Relations  Aim-uk Media  Ainsworth maguire Public Relations  Air Dynamics Media  George Hodge Associates Public relations agencies.  A Plus Group PR company for the IT industry.  Advertising Standards authority Public Relations  Avvio Art Of Communication, The Media  Blimp Public Relations  Burgess and Company Media relations for IT  Celebrity Agents Public Relations  CentreScene Ltd Public Relations  Coasters Worldwide Ltd Media  Corporate communications Public relations agency  CPR Works Ltd Guide to getting (free) publicity in regional newspapers and radio stations.  David Clarke associates PR consultants   Davis Media Public Relations  Deringer Audio Visual Media  DTW Media  Dumelm PR and Advertising Services Public Relations  European Communications Technology media  EMC EuroPR Public Relations  Fiona Bell and Co Public Relations Public Relations  Flapjack Communications Public Relations  Fleet Hampshire Information Public Relations Green Dome Marketing Group Ltd Marketing Agency  Green Light Communications Public Relations  Hatricks PR & Interactive Communications Public Relations  Hill and Knowlton public relations agency  Projects Freelance public relations  Hub Marketing Services Media  Icon interactive technology Media  Aadvark Zap versatile Wordsmith Media  Images UK Public Relations  Info Tech Consultancy, The Publications and one-off articles for business.  Insight Group Public relations.  Ivoljo Multimedia Media  Johnson king IT PR agency  Just Media Limited Media  Key Communications Ltd PR agency  Kingfisher Public Relations Consultants information to journalists  KMP Associates Public Relations  Linda Graham PR and Marketing Public Relations   MacNEWS Unique PR planner.  Luther Pendragon Public relations and media management consultancy.  Electrical hardware Distribution, IT, Computer etc Public Relations  Marketing Partnership, The Public Relations  Public Relations Consultants Association Public Relations  Media UK Directories/Classified Ads  Meroncourt Ltd Media  Metro-Media Public Relations  Midnight Communications PR agency  Media Intelligence Services Media  Marshall Jennings PR Public Relations  Mole Productions Media  Morse Partnership, The Marketing and public relations.  Prior Partnership, The PR consultancy  PMPR Business Communications Public Relations  Peter Prowse associates PR and corporate communications consultancy.  Press Box, The A searchable archive  Principal Media Media  Priority mailing & Magazine Finishing Mailing and magazine finishing house.  Profile Public Relations On-Line Public Relations  Projected image Media  Prowse and Company Ltd Public relations  PR Partnership, The Public relations in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Public Affairs Co Public Relations  RMPR Public relations  Rockstro Group PR consultancy  Sanyo Projectors Media   Scannervision ltd Media  ScreenStyle Media  Selby marketing services Media  Shere Marketing Marketing and public relations  Solutions audio Visual Ltd Media  SpiderCrab Web Design Media  South west media Development Agency, The Media  Taurus Public Relations Press relations  Tavistock Communications Public Relations  Business, The Public Relations  time Television Ltd Media  Graham Rhodes Scriptwriter.  twelve:ten Media design consultancy. Underwood Pr Public Relations Vector Business Communications Marketing communications, press and public relations. Videotronic Ltd Media Vision Associates Video Productions Media Watson Look Media relations and exhibitions Words Group, The Public relations consultancy Wordsun Public Relations

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