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Utilities and Energy

WWW Address Site Name Description  Northern Energy Initiative, The Utilities and Energy  Kenton Utilities and Developments Ltd Services to the gas, water, oil, petro-chemical and telecom industries.  Advanced energy Products Ltd Technical support and distribution company - energy monitoring equipment.  Aldous and Stamp Water treatment products and services.  Electric commerce Ltd Aqualen activated carbons and ion-exchange resins in superior fibrous form.  ASCo Group Utilities and Energy  Atkins Fulford Offer the complete solution for all you water filtrations needs.  Autoguide Equipment Design, prototype & manufacture for utility, amenity & agricultural industry.  Ballingdon Fuel Company Ltd Specializes in petroleum products and heating fuels.  Bicotest Power and communications cable precision fault location instruments.  UK Landfill Gas Association Utilities and Energy  British Petroleum utilities and Energy  BP Solar utilities and Energy  British Energy Utilities  British Gas plc utilities and Energy  Burmah Castrol Plc utilities and Energy  Control energy costs Ltd Electricity and water tariff analysts. Utility contract negotiators.  Centrica Utilities  Chalmor Ltd Specialise in cost effective energy heating and lighting control products.  HD Drilling Ltd / HD Services Ltd Construction of water wells and design of sewage treatment systems and soak-aways.  Clifford Talbot Partnership Utilities and Energy  Coalgas (UK) Ltd Utilities and Energy  Corrall-Montenay Total energy service - Protect the environment.  Combined Power Systems Ltd Specialist combined heat and power (CHP) unit providers.  Croft Fuels Utilities and Energy  Cross Manufacturing Description of range of water filter equipment.  Aqua Cure plc The Water Treatment Specialists.  Danros Heating Services Utilities and energy  Direct Power Utilities and energy  Eastern Group Utilities  Environmental Instrumentation Group Ltd Water  Electrak International Ltd Power distribution and lighting systems.  electricity Association Utilities and Energy  Energy2000 Energy2000 offer a utilities cost saving consultancy.  Cleveland Tube innovations Quality heat exchanger and condenser restoration systems - Worldwide.  Energy 21 Generating a greater awareness and understanding of renewable energy.  Independent Energy Brokers Ltd Free service to commercial and domestic clients to find cheapest gas/electricity.  ASW Energy Conservation Utilities and Energy  Eastern Power & Energy Trading Utilities and Energy  ER Systems Ltd Utilities and energy  ESIS Ltd Utilities and Energy  Factline Ltd Utilities and Energy  FT Energy Publishing News for the energy industry.  Fuel Services Utilities and Energy  Fusion Group plc, the Supply of products, services and expertise to gas, water and industrial markets.  British Gas Utilities Wallwork Heating Engineers Ltd Domestic Gas Central Heating, installation, service and repair engineers.  Geolink Ltd Utilities and Energy  Godstone Electric Co Utilities and Energy  Goff Petroleum Utilities and Energy  Granherne Ltd Independent consultancy to the oil and gas production, and refining industries.  H2O Water Services Ltd Utilities and Energy  Harold engineering Piggyback clamps for the offshore oil industry.  Scottish Hydro Electric Utilities  Sigmar domestic and industrial products.  Infineum Utilities and Energy  Ian Pope Associates Ltd An independent energy consultancy specialisng in the electricity sector.  Joint Radio Company Ltd Radio spectrum managers for the gas and electricity industry.  Power System Services consultancy for anyone involved with large power systems.  London Electricity Utilities  MD Consultancy Ltd Utilities and Energy  MEB Utilities and Energy  Mitchell and Webber Cornwall's No 1 Oil distributor.  Mobil Gas Marketing Ltd Utilities and Energy  Stoddards Fuels Utilities and Energy  National Power Utilities and Energy  National Grid Utilities  Northern Ireland Electricity Utilities and Energy  NU-TILITY Utilities and Energy  North West Water Utilities and Energy  Offshore Technology Petroleum-related resources.  Pennon Group plc utilities and Energy  Perenco A private petroleum, exploration and production company.  Petroweb Ltd Utilities and Energy  Pfaudler Balfour Utilities and Energy  Phoenix Natural Gas Utilities and Energy  Pipe Supports Utilities and Energy  PowrGen Utilities and Energy  Aquarius Rainwater Engineering Utilities and Energy  MEEC energy Efficiency Group of local authorities dedicated to promoting energy efficient products.  Scottish Power Utilities and Energy  Southern Electrical Contracting Utilities and Energy  Servowarm Utilities and Energy  TORPY Energy Energy management consultants.  Severn Trent Utilities  Shell UK Utilities and Energy  Sieera Space Heating Patio heaters combining the benefits of radiant cone heating.  Scottish Nuclear Utilities  Southampton Calor Gas Centre Ltd Utilities and Energy  Smith Rea Energy Techno-economic offshore oil & gas business consultancy services.  SWALEC Utilities  South West Water Utilities  Gas Shop, The Utilities and Energy  Transco Utilities  Trianco Redfyre Ltd Leading UK manufacturer of boilers, based in Sheffield.  UK generators Hot Website for buying and selling new and used generator sets, updated daily. UK Offshore Operators Association Utilities and Energy Energy Development Co-operative Ltd Utilities and Energy Vectra Technologies Ltd Safety & risk consultancy including human factors & structural engineering. Warren Associates Utilities and Energy Southampton and Dorset Waste Services Utilities and Energy Sutton and East Surrey Water plc Utilities and Energy Watkins Engineering Ltd Utilities and Energy Welding Units Manufacturer of equipment for the offshore oil, gas and chemical industries. Wessex Water Utilities Willacy Oil Group Utilities and Energy Whole Life Cost joint Industry Project To create a recognised technique for the assessment of whole life costs. Water Quality Centre Utilities and Energy Water Research Centre Utilities and Energy Yorkshire Utilities Utilities and Energy

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