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WWW Address Site Name Description AAP: Smart Guide to Kid's TV This site guides you in choosing good programs for your children. Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius Browse through the galleries of photos and sounds.  Check out the videos for sale-Also offers links to other pages.  Art Attack Film & Television  Barney This site is very interactive for the kids who love Barney.  Batman and Robin Film & Television  Animal Zone Film & Television  Blue Peter Archive of presenters old and new and other topics covered on Blue Peter.  CBBC Film & Television  BBC Schools Film & Television  Teletubbies Keep your tot amused with the Teletubbies.  Childrens BBC Television Company  Live & Kicking Film & Television  Newsround Film & Television  Cartoon Network Film & Television Children's ITV TV Programmes  Clangers Film & Television Fraggle Rock This page is dedicated to the Muppet-like Fraggles.  Rugrats Film & Television Keeper's Cartoon Files Include a ton of information on Warner Brothers cartoons, such as Animaniacs and Pinky and The Brain. The Adventures of Pete and Pete Nickelodeon's television program chronicles the adventures of two brothers who experience very strange happenings. Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers Find everything here you'll need to know about this popular Disney cartoon series. Danger Mouse Download images and sounds of this popular Nickelodeon cartoon.  The Disney Channel A TV guide to the satellite station with information on presenters. Clarissa Explains It All Guides, interviews, and other information about Nickelodeon's young adult comedy. Gumby on the Web Complete with the Gumby theme song, pictures, and other wonderful Gumby memorabilia.  Fox Kids Children's channel website home of Woody Woodpecker. Games and a virtual tour available.  Simpson's Film & Television  Garfield Film & Television The School House Rock Page Any Generation Xer will remember these songs. The Unofficial Beany and Cecil Page This info on the original series (1962) and the revised series (1988), as well as links to other Beany & Cecil sites. An Unofficial Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Page Check out this site's collection of fan fiction, art, essays, and parodies.   General Go-Go Gadet An Inspector Gadget Home Page, come to this site for facts on all your favourite characters. The Pink Panther Page This site plays the pink Panther theme song and then lets you choose to listen to any (or all!) of the six versions of the song. 2 Stupid Dogs Produced by Hanna Barbera, 2 Stupid Dogs is about, well, two dogs that aren't that smart. Jonny Quest Provides a detailed episode guide, pictures, and much more about the popular cartoon Jonny Quest. Kids Incorporated Provides an episode guide, cast background, and parents' recommendations for the children's show Kids Incorporated.  CITV Film & Television  Dennis the Menace Film & Television  Flash Gordon Film & Television  Popeye Film & Television Thunderbirds This site includes pictures, info, and a Gerry Anderson FAQ.  Mania Information on TV shows, movies, games and toys. A multi-media site. Mighty Morphin' Power Documents This site has everything for the fan of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Underdog Home Page Check out this site for character and episode information, Underdog pictures and sounds, and theme song lyrics.  Muppets Film & Television   General Muppets Home Page Travel to official and fan-related Muppets sites on the Web, and read online articles on The Muppets. New Zoo Revue Provides information about the 70s children's show The New Zoo Revue. Nickelodeon General info on kids' shows, Nick facts, and descriptions of today's episodes and the next episodes.  Nickelodeon Film & Television  Sabrina the Teenage Witch Film & Television Big Bad Beetleborgs This site provides an episode guide, pictures, and much more about the Fox children's show. Superhero Cartoon Database This is the place for info on more than 80 superhero cartoons. PBS Kids! This site focuses on PBS children's shows.   General Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood Fred's site includes lyrics to songs and a book list for suggested reading. Arthur. There are fun things for kids to enjoy and parent and teacher resource areas, too Pee Wee's Playhouse This is the official Web site for the popular children's show Pee Wee's Playhouse.  Goosebumps Companion site to books and TV series.  The Flintstones Unofficial Home Page Everything Flintstones-related you could every want.  Channel 4 Schools Film & Television  Sesame Street Film & Television TCC24Seven Teen and children's channel which targets the UK and Ireland.  Teletubbies Film & Television Teletubby Information Centre TV Programmes  Top of the Pops Film & Television  Trouble Satellite kids channel, all programmes covered, games and competitions. The ReBoot Home Page Come here for information on the characters of the Saturday morning cartoon show ReBoot. The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries Web site has bios, credits, sounds, and movies to download. Worldwide Wishbone Preview shows for the next season by reading the descriptions.

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