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WWW Address Site Name Description  Acme Pets Directory listing of pet sites on the web together with its own newspaper and gallery sections.  Local Pet Store Directory Global, alpha listing of fish stores, with descriptions of what's on offer.  Willowslea Dog Kennels Ltd  All Pets Online magazine and encyclopedia of practical information for caring for your pet.  Animail Online Pet supplies catalogue for a wide range of products.  Aviform and Top Dog Products Producers and suppliers of animal food supplements.  Bayard Beagles Breeder of pedigree and champion beagles for shows and pets.  Denvic SC Ltd Pet beds.  Budgerigars Galore  Canine World Provides canine related organisations world-wide with free hosting and design.  First Virtual Church of Dog Dogs, wolves, werewolves and all things strange.  Cats Protection League Animals  Cats and Canines Cat and dog accessories by mail order.  Council of Docked Breeds  Squeak Online magazine for pet rat owners.  Professor Hunts Dog Page Special interest on herding (working) breeds.  Crufts Dog Show Event  Cyberpet Directory to resources particularly for dog owners and breeders.  Danish Design Pet Products Ltd Range of products designed by Susanne Mortensen.  Pet Heaven No cosy bundle by the fire.  The Pet Place Covers all household pets from dogs, cats and reptiles. Information on care techniques and rescue operations.  Dog Club UK  Battersea Dogs Home Animals  National Dogsitters  Doolittle's Gifts for pets and pet lovers as well as pet foods.  Droveborough Pointers English Pointers  Equilife Ltd Nutritional food supplies for treatment and control  Europa Pet Foods Ltd  Siberian Husky Home Page Learn about Huskies, how to look after them and adding them to your family. Also photo gallery and links to other sites.  Four in Hand Kennels  About Gerbils A basic guide to looking after gerbils.  Grannies Pet Supermarket  Guinea Pig Information  Hamster Site Information about hamsters, looking at species, health and care advice plus links to breeders, clubs and shows.  American Animal Hospital Association Offers pet care tips and has a library of articles on topics from behaviour to nutrition.  Hewton Products Manufacturers of original dog food products.  Hi-Craft Pet Products  Identitags Pet tags engraved. Canac matching collars and leads.  Judges Choice Pet food company.  American Bulldogs  Kashi Tibetan Terriers & Chinese Crested Dogs  Kassaro Main Coons  Dalmatian Telegraph  Lauras PetBunny Home Page An open forum for people who want to discuss rabbits. Also includes a mailing list for rabbit owners, articles, stories and other sites of interest.  Oasis Pet Center Topics and information relating to setting up a saltwater aquarium.  Meridian PetNet Meridian TV's interactive guide to choosing and caring for a pet.  Virtual Pet Cemetery An American site for immortalizing in cyberspace your pets that you have loved and lost. There is a small fee.  Natures Pet Marketplace Natural and holistic products including homeopathic remedies for your pet.  Canny Cavies A lighthearted look at the guinea pig.  Padgies Home and Pet Sitter Service  Pedigree Petfoods  Pet Experts All about pets, animals and foods.  Burns Pet Foods  The Pet Gift Shop Pet shop.  Grief Support Sympathetic and tactful support from other pet owners when you a grieving for a deceased or unwell pet.  Pet Market Search out discount pet supplies.  PetNet Find a pet or breeder or offer a good home to one.  PetNet Australia's Petcare and Advisory Service.  Pet of the Day A site for getting your pet nominated as Pet of the Day. There are separate sites for Dog of the Day and Cat of the Day, all other pets are covered on this site.  Pet Plan Insurance  Pet Plan Insurance Health insurance for cats and dogs.  Petsleep  Petsmart Buy Petsmart products or find the guide you need.  Pets Pantry  Pets Pyjamas Help make your pets healthy and happy.  Pets Pyjamas Online Pet Store  Pet Talk America Information books, videos and software programs on pet care.  Petview magazine Online Advisors answer questions about pet health and care. Carries articles also.  Pet Warehouse Mail order company specialising in aquatic, bird, dog, cat, reptile and small animal products.  Petz  Planet Pets Advice, book recommendations and information on all sorts of animals and pets.  Feline Diabetes Information on looking after your cat with diabetes.  WebDoctor Holistic help for animal companions. Puchi Puppies- UK Ltd Purina Pet Care Center Pet food manufacturer giving advice on nutrition, care management, training, and some fun and games. Purrley Mead Boarding Cattery The House Rabbit Society Home Page Provides information on rabbits as house pets together with photographs and information on rabbits up for adoption after being rescued. Aaaaaargh. The Ratz! Rat care, diary, gif, growth and UK Links. Rossmaith Beagles South West Cat Bank Online Brochures Information on a range of health care topics for cats and dogs, including common illnesses. Tansdale Turkish Van Cats The Kennel Club The Pet Channel Ask the Vet and Ask the Pet Therapist health topics about your dog, cat, horse or exotic pet. Online shopping to. UK Pedigree Dogs Breeders Working Group UK Pets UK-Pets Rodent Rescue UK Virtual Cats and Dogs Adopt a virtual cat or dog and contact other pet owners. A fun site. Waltham World of Pet Care Pet nutrition company providing advice on care for your pet. Plus a fun site for Kids called Petzone Feline Advisory Bureau A charity which supports research into the health and welfare of cats. Provides fact sheets you can download and read on your computer. UK Dogs The Independent Cat Society Budgie Xyzairius Cavalier King Charles Spaniels  

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